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product arrow AULA AK2012 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Price Rp 440.000
Berat 1,20 Kg

Concise Design, one integrated metal panel, stainless, scratch resistant.
Advance two-color secondary injection character proccess, it will never rub off, multi-color optional.
Sensitive key response with excellent hand feeling and over 50 million times typing life.
Multi-color backlight, look great.
Auto Sleep function : without any activity for 10 mins, it will enter sleep mode, shut down all LEDs. Press any keys to wake up.
Combine with Fn key to create some shortcut function keys.
N-key rollover, anti-static.

Specification :

- Size:35.9cm x 12.9cm x 3.7 cm
- Cord Length: 192 cm/75.59inches
- Standard Keys: 87
- Key Switch: Blue switch
- Travel(Total): 4.0mm
- Net Weight: 0.9kg
- Working Current: 200mA
- Working Voltage: 5V
- Compatibility: Windows 2000 / Win Xp / Win Vista / 7/ 8 /10 / Mac OS