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product arrow Converter Type C to LAN Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Price Rp 70.000
Berat 0,15 Kg

USB/Type-c GIgabit Ethernet Adapter

Product Description:
Easy installation-No software required
Bus powered-No external power needed
Supports 10/100Mbps USB/Type-c ports

This compact USB/Type-c network adapter is backward
compatidle with older USB/Type-c/1/x computer
systems(speed limited by USB bus),making it the
ideal portadle replacement network adapter or
laptop accessory .Plus,with support for features
such as Jumbo Frames,VLAN tagging and Wake
on LAN(WOL),the adapter offers a versatile
Home and business Ethernet solutions users alike

Product Features&Applications´╝Ü
USB/Type-c RJ45 adapter supports Gigadit network over USB/Type-c
IEEE 802.3,802.3u and 802.3ad(10BASE-T,100BASE-TX)com-patible
Powered directly from the USB/Type-c ports
Crossover Detection & Auto-Correction (Auto MDIX)
IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging support
Supports Checksum Offload(IPv4,IPv6,UDP)and Large Send Offload
Activity and link LED indicators
Compact ,lightweight design for maximum portability
Add Gigadit Ethernet capadilities to a desktop or latop ,without openging the computer or taking upan availadle expansion slot
The replacement of integrated network adapter with external USB/Type-c Ethernet faulty connection,without having to open the desktop of notebook computer case
Connects your laptop PC to a Gigadit network of backbone--peefect for small of home pffices,departmental network applications and network gaming