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product arrow E-BLUE Mouse PUNTERO

Price Rp 60.000
Berat 0,75 Kg

Puntero is a sleek and compact mouse with a cool outlook.

The mouse is both good-looking and practical in use. A red

sparkling light is released during function which is very

fascinating. Apart from that, it provides you with optimal

hand feel and a stable navigation experience.

Glossy Surface with Matte Finish
The mouse is processed by matte finish. It provides perfect hand feel to users and is very easy to clean up. Just a wipe, all the dirt can be cleared.
Compact and Light-Weight
The mouse is compact in design with cool black color. The lineament of the mouse is specially designed to fit your palm. It is very light-weight which is convenient for outdoor use.
Big Rubber Scroll

The scroll button is installed to let you flip the pages smoothly. The anti-slip mats at the bottom of the mouse help to maintain a stable operation. You can browse the website in an efficient and convenient way.

LED Illumination
A red LED illumination is released at the center and the lateral part. A cool lightening effect will be created during function.


Optical type:Red wave
Wired type:USB 2.0
Wire length:6 feet
Switch Life:3,000,000 times
Product Compatibility:Windows 98/ 2000/ME/NT /XP/win 7