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product arrow USB Guitar Link (Guitar Effect / Guitar Recording Tool)

Price Rp 95.000
Berat 0,30 Kg

USB Guitar Link to USB interface allow you to Jam and record, play along to playback, or play directly over the modeling and effects.

Plug and Play.

USB Guitar Link Cable is a professional tool that enables you to turn your PC or Mac computer into fantastic working platform on which you can use the classic effects, in the studio as well as on stage.

It allows you to record, play along to a playback, or play directly over the modeling amps and effects.

With a notebook, Electric Guitar and USB Guitar Link Cable, it is possible to work indoors or outdoors, be it train or hotel.

This easy to carry and easy to use interface will be become the best choice for guitarist, especially for those who are on the go.

Features High Quality Components Works directly with PC or Mac computer, ultra low latency driver for PC included.

Perfect For Easy Learning Variable speed file playback function for MP3, WAV, AIFF audio files.

Stereo Headphone output lets you jam with your computer and can also be used for monitoring with active monitor speakers.

Packaging Contents All you get from the box : 1x USB Guitar Link cable 1x CD Driver 1x User Manual